Trueman Biology Class 11 PDF Download

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In today’s article, we are here to handover to you the Trueman Biology Class 11 PDF.

Trueman Biology book is a very good book and it will prove to be very helpful for all the NEET aspirants as it talks about the basic concepts in a precise manner.

So let us not want that your precious time is wasted and before downloading the Trueman Biology Class 11 PDF . let’s talk about some of its advantages.


  • Trueman Biology Class 11 PDF is an escalated and complete book on rudimentary science, composed by M.Br Tyagi and K.N. Bhatia, this digital book is unequivocally prudent by scholastics and scholarly consultants for the researchers of class 11.
  • Understudies who are pursuing additional materials in clinical science and science can benefit from this book.
  • The book might be in style among undergrads appearing for quite a long time assessments as appropriate.
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How Trueman Biology For Class 11 Is Helpful?

  • It gives you a decent foundation and information about fundamental ideas alongside certain subjects like human physiology, environment and so on portrayed exhaustively.
  • It is useful on the grounds that these subjects convey more significance in clinical placement tests. However, prior to leaping to Trueman’s ,ensure that you have perused Biology NCERT course books well.
  • Because, If you haven’t perused NCERT reading material well, I don’t imagine that you will acquire much out of Trueman’s!

Book Details

Book Name- Trueman Biology Class 11
Page Count-272
File Size-3.5 MB
File Format-PDF
Author-K.N. Bhatia And M.P. Tyagi
Publisher-Trueman Book Company

Trueman Biology Class 11 PDF Download

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Trueman Biology Class 11 PDF

Content In The PDF

1. The Living World2 A. Biological Classification- Systematic13. Photosynthesis In Higher Plants 28. Molecular Basis Of Inheritance
2 B. Biological Classification- Kingdom Protista2 C. Biological Classification- Kingdom Monera14. Respiration In Plants29 A. Origin Of Human Life
2 D Biological Classification- Kingdom Fungi2 E. Biological Classification- Virus15 A. Plant Hormones29 B. Evidence Of Evolution
3. Plant Kingdom4 A Animal Kingdom- Non- Chordate Phyla15 B. Plant Movements29 C. Human Evolution
4 B Animal Kingdom- Phylum Chordata5. Morphology Of Flowering Plants16 A. Animal Nutrition30. Human Health And Disease
6. Anatomy Of Flowering Plants7. Structural Organization In Animals16 B. Vitamin And Mineral31. Strategies For Enhancement In Food Production
8 A. Cell: The Unit Of Life8 B. Cell: The Unit Of Life17. Breathing And Exchange Of Gases32. Microbes In Human Welfare
9. Biomolecules10. Cell Cycle And Division18. Body Fluids and Circulation33. Principles And Processes
11. Transport In Animals12. Mineral Nutrition19. Excretory Products And There Elimination34. Biotechnology And Its Applications
20. Locomotion And Movement21. Neural Control And Coordination22. Chemical Coordination And Integration35. Organisms And Population
23. Reproduction In Organism24. Sexual Reproduction In Animals25 A. Reproductive System36. Ecosystem
25 B. Human Embryology26. Reproductive Health27. Mendelian Genetics37. Biodiversity And Conservation
38. Environmental Issues39. Growth And Regeneration40. Pesticides And Fertilizers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. 1. Which Book Apart From NCERT Should I Study In Class 11 ?

    You should go for Trueman Elementary Biology because the book has explained all concepts very deeply and thoroughly and focuses on basic concepts Which will make your basic strong.

  2. How Do I Download The Trueman Biology Class 11 PDF?

    You can download Trueman Biology Class 11 PDF on a single click by coming to our website.

  3. Who Is The Author Of Trueman Biology Class 11?

    K.N. Bhatia is the author Trueman Biology Class 11

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This Trueman Biology Class 11 PDF is neither created by us nor do we have any proprietary rights on this book, we are sharing this book only and only for educational purposes so that children who cannot afford this book will be helped by reading it.


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