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A social issue is a problem that affects a considerable percentage of a society’s population. In terms of depth as well as right, a social issue has numerous categories.

It is a problem that we see in our society or our environment. It is typically caused by several circumstances.

Extending beyond an individual’s control, and causing a split in opinion over what is deemed ethically correct as opposed to what is deemed incorrect in one’s personal or social life.

Although social and economic issues are distinct, certain challenges have both social and iconic dimensions. There are also difficulties that fall outside of both categories, such as welfare.

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Social Issues Project Class 10 PDF

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Top 18 Major Social Issues In India

We are writing top 12 Major social issues in India, which will definitely help you in your project.

  1. Illiteracy
  2. Poverty, Malnutrition
  3. Child Labor
  4. Dowry
  5. Female Foeticide, Infanticide
  6. Corruption
  7. Unemployment
  8. Population Explosion
  9. Education
  10. Terrorism
  11. Alcoholism
  12. Rapism
  13. Violence
  14. Caste System
  15. Drug Addiction
  16. Rural Development
  17. Gender In-equality
  18. Pollution

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Causes Of Social Issues

Many people disagree on the causes of societal difficulties, just as they vary on how to remedy them. Typically, social issues are extremely complicated. Because social science can’t always isolate a single core problem, finding a remedy is tough.

Just for example, take Climate change. Scientists have been studying how human activity affects the climate for decades. Scientists decided that climate change is a threat to our world based on this information.

Most people in our culture agree that climate change is an issue.

As a result, climate change is a social problem. Our civilization, on the other hand, cannot agree on what is driving climate change or how to address it.

The same may be said for a slew of other issues. The causes of social difficulties are not always agreed upon by societies. It’s impossible to find a solution to these extremely complex issues without consensus on the causes.

On the other hand, a social scientist has discovered some common cause that appears to contribute to widespread social problems. They are:

  • Poverty
  • Illiteracy
  • Unemployment
  • Gender Inequality
  • Caste System
Social issue project Class 10

Present Status For Social Issues

If we talk about the present, then our government is coming up with many new schemes and working very hard to eliminate these social issues from our society.

Some of the steps taken by the government are:

  • Opening Govt. Schools In Rural Areas
  • Taking Legal Actions Against Child Labor
  • Developing Rural Areas
  • Eliminating The Distinction Between Boy And Girl

Maybe in the coming future, All these social issues should be completely uprooted by the government of our country. And, our country can join all the big countries of the world.

Consequences Of Social Issues

The consequences of social issues can be quite fatal as it is like a termite for our society. Social problems like Unemployment, Poverty, And Illiteracy can prevent a man from achieving his dreams and he is unable to live the lifestyle he wants to live.

Preventive Measures Of Social Issues

Social problems can be solved by only four feelings that are listed below.

(1) Belief that a problem can be solved,

(2) Determination to solve the problem

(3) Notion in people and the belief that, thanks to their intelligence and efforts, there is no limit to growth.

(4) The application of technological and intellectual knowledge and talent to the problem-solving process.

When trying to find a solution to societal problems, keep the following three elements in mind:

Take a multi-factor approach:

Each social problem is produced by a variety of causes;

for example, the problem of crime cannot be solved unless it is viewed as a whole in terms of poverty, unemployment, social associations, social structure functioning, tensions, and frustrations, among other things.


There is no such thing as an atomistic view of a social problem. Each difficulty is linked to the others in some way.


Every social issue has a time and space component. What one civilization considers an issue may not be viewed as such in another.


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