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Both the UPSC Civil Services Preliminaries and Mains have a strong emphasis on Indian culture and tradition.

This subject would be fairly simple once you have a basic understanding of what to study and what not to study about Indian culture.

Civil Services Exam prelims and mains can include questions based on Indian culture.

According to the most recent UPSC curriculum for the IAS mains exam, Indian culture will focus on the key elements of literature, art, and architecture from antiquity to the current age.

With the aid of several images and diagrams that will pique the reader’s interest, a comprehensive knowledge base of Indian paintings, music, and architecture has been given.

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Book Details

Book Name-Nitin Singhania Art And Culture PDF
Page Count-788
File Size-17 MB
File Format-PDF
Author-Nitin Singhaniya
Publisher-McGraw Hills Publication

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Important Chapters Of Nitin Singhania Art And Culture

  • Vaiseska.
  • Nyaya.
  • Yoga.
  • Purva mimamasa.
  • Samkhya.
  • Vedanta.
  • Carvaka.

Features Of Nitin Singhania Art And Culture

  • An extraordinary book covers every one of the significant parts of craftsmanship and culture. Along these lines, you will be prepared with different kinds of inquiries.
  • A few inquiries like Bani Theni in ongoing prelims can be replied from that point.
  • Since UPSC poses scientific kind of inquiries, I recommend that you read antiquated and archaic History as advancement of workmanship and culture is firmly connected with political history.
  • You may likewise enhance it with gktoday materials for few subjects.

Content Of The Book


  • CChapter-1. Indian Architecture, Sculpture, And Poetry
  • Chapter-2. Indian Painting
  • Chapter-3. Indian Handicrafts
  • Chapter-4. UNESCO’S Listing Of Actual Global Background Sites In India


  • Chapter-5. Indian Music
  • Chapter-6. Indian Dance Forms
  • Chapter-7. Indian Theatre
  • Chapter-8. Indian Puppetry


  • Chapter-11. Language In India
  • Chapter-12. Religions In India
  • Chapter-13. Indian Literature
  • Chapter-14. Schools Of Philosophy
  • Chapter-15. Indian Cinema
  • Chapter-16. Technology And Generation Via The Long Time
  • Chapter-17. Calendars In India
  • Chapter-18. Festivals And Fair Of India
  • Chapter-19. Awards And Honors
  • Chapter-21. Martial Arts In India
  • Chapter-22. Cultural Institution In India
  • Chapter-23. Cash In Historical In Medieval India
  • Chapter-24. Indian Culture Abroad



Delhi A City Of 7 Sisters


Bhakti And Sufi Movement


Famous Personalities Of India


Cultural Places Of India


Latest Geographical Indications

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About The Author (Nitin Singhania)

Nitin Singhania is an IAS officer from the West Bengal Cadre’s 2013 graduating class who is currently serving as the Chief Minister’s Office’s Joint Secretary.

Additionally, he has held positions as Assistant Collector in Bardhaman and Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs in Gol.

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  1. How To Download Nitin Singhania Art And Culture PDF?

    You can download Nitin Singhania Art And Culture PDF very easily by clicking on our direct download link given in this article.

  2. Is Nitin Singhania Art And Culture Enough?

    No single source is enough because the art and culture curriculum is not established.

  3. How Many Chapters Are There In Nitin Singhania Art And Culture?

    There is a total of 28 chapters in Nitin Singhania Art And Culture.


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