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India’s Constitution is the incomparable law of India. It characterizes the Government’s essential political qualities, arrangements, processes, powers, privileges, and obligations.

It conveys sacred incomparability and not parliamentary matchless quality since it isn’t laid out by the Parliament yet by a constituent gathering and taken on by its residents, with a revelation in its prelude.

The Constitution of India is the longest Constitution on the planet.

It had three 95 articles in 22 sections and eight timetables at its start. It involves around 145,000 words making it the world’s second-biggest working constitution.

It right now has a prelude, 25 sections with twelve timetables, five informative supplements, four 48 articles, and 101 corrections.

Fundamental Rights Of Indian Constitution

There are 6 fundamental rights in Indian constitution. Such as

  • Right To Freedom
  • Rights Against Exploitation
  • Right To Freedom Of Religion
  • Right To Constitutional Remedies
  • Right To Equality
  • Cultural And Educational Rights

Indian Constitution In Hindi PDF Download

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Indian Constitution In Hindi PDFDownload
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Book Details

Book Name-Indian Constitution
Language-Hindi & English
File Size-5.0 And 3.6 MB
File Format- PDF

Indian Constitution In Hindi PDF Content

Part.1 The Union And Its Territory
Part.3 Fundamental Rights
Part.4 Directive Principles Of State Policy
Part. 4.1Fundamental Duties
Part.5 The Union
Part.6 The States
Part.7The Union Territories
Part.8 The Panchayats
Part.9 AThe Municipalities
Part.9 B The Co-operative Societies
Part.10 The Scheduled And Tribal Areas
Part.11 Relations Between The Union And The States
Part.12 Finance, Property, Contracts and Suits
Part.13 Trade, Commerce And Intercourse Within The Territory Of India
Part.14Services Under The Union And The States
Part.14 ATribunals
Part.15 Elections
Part.16 Special Provisions Relating To Certain Classes
Part.17 Official Language
Part.18 Emergency Provisions
Part.20 Amendment Of The Constitution
Part.21Temporary, Transitional And Special Provisions
Part.22 Short Title, Commencement, Authoritative Text In Hindi And Repeals

History Of Indian Institution

  • India’s Constitution was taken on in the year 1949 on November 26.
  • It happened on January 26, 1950. January 26 is praised as Republic Day of India and the get-together supported it.
  • The Chairman of the drafting advisory group, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, is by and large viewed as the engineer of the Indian Constitution.
  • After the Constitution was taken on, The Union of India turned into the cutting edge and contemporary Republic of India.
  • Indian Constitution gives six principal rights to its kin. Such privileges are the right to opportunity, the right to correspondence, the right to social and instructive opportunities, the right to established cures, the right against double-dealing as well as the right against abuse.
  • The right to information security has likewise as of late been applied to principal privileges.
Indian Constitution In Hindi PDF

Important Features Of Indian Constitution

  • World’s Longest Constitution
  • Federal System With Unitary Features
  • Parliamentary Form Of Government
  • Directive Principles Of State Policy
  • Taken from Various Sources
  • Balance Between The Sovereignty Of Parliament And Judiciary Supremacy
  • Directive Principles Of State Policy

Objectives Of Indian Constitution

The Constitution is a unique guideline and it helps with staying aware of decency in the overall population and propel fortitude among the inhabitants to build a phenomenal country.

The essential objective of the Indian Constitution is to propel friendliness all through the country.
The components which help in achieving this objective are:

  • Value: It is essential to monitor everything in the public eye that is ensured through various game plans of Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy given by the Constitution of India. It incorporates three parts, which are social, financial, and political.
  • Social equality – Social value infers that the Constitution needs to disclose a general without isolation on any grounds like position, conviction, direction, religion, etc.
  • Money-related Justice – Economic Justice suggests no detachment can be achieved by people given their wealth, pay, and monetary status. Every individual ought to be paid much the same way for an identical position and all people ought to be able to obtain their living.
  • Political Justice – Political Justice infers each one of people has the same, free and fair right with essentially no isolation to participate in political entryways.
  • Correspondence: The term ‘Equilibrium’ means no portion of society has any phenomenal distinctions and each one people have offered identical opportunities for everything with essentially no isolation. Everyone is identical under the careful attention of the law.
  • Opportunity: The term ‘Opportunity’ means an amazing open door for people to pick their way of life, have political points of view and lead in the public eye.
  • Opportunity doesn’t mean an open door to do anything, an individual can do everything besides the end set by the law.
  • Team: The term ‘Society’ means a vibe of association and an enthusiastic association with the country and each one people. The group helps with propelling balance and fortitude in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who Made Indian Constitution?

    Dr B.R. Ambedkar made the Indian constitution and it is adopted in constitution assembly on 26th November 1949.

  2. How Do I Download The Indian Constitution In Hindi PDF?

    You can download the Indian Constitution In Hindi PDF by our direct download link given in the article.

  3. How Many Sections Are There In The Indian Constitution?

    At present, 448 articles and 12 schedules have been divided into 25 parts. At the time of creation there were 395 Article 8 Schedules and was divided into 22 parts.

  4. How Much Time Indian Constitution Take?

    The Indian Constitution takes about 2 years, 11 months, and 18 days and a total of 6 million INR.


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