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  • Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons is an enhancement for the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons (5e), centered around mythical serpents.
  • This book is an exacting store of mythical serpent legend that expects to grow the DM’s information with regards to involving mythical beasts in their missions.
  • Similar to the recipe for 5e enhancements, this book contains a blend of data for players and DMs.

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Book Details

Book Name-Fizban’s Treasury Of Dragons
Page Count-224
File Size-6.8 MB
File Format-PDF
Author-Wizards RPG Team
Publisher-Wlizards Of The Coast

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Fizbans Treasury Of Dragons PDF

Pros And Cons Of Fizban’s Treasury Of Dragons

1. This supplement is shorter than others published recently.1. This book is primarily for homebrew campaign groups.
2. The new races, subclasses, spells, accomplishments, draconic gifts, and wizardry things all look great2. This knowledge won’t benefit you if you’re not intending on using dragons prominently in your homebrew campaign.

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Features Of Fizban’s Treasury Of Dragons

  • The most recent D&D sourcebook goes into great detail about the “Dragons” aspect of the game’s title.
  • New player character possibilities include Dragonborn with unique draconic ancestries, monks and rangers with dragon-themed subclasses, and new feats and spells.
  • With updated dragon lair maps and descriptions of 20 various kinds of dragons, this book provides everything a Dungeon Master needs to create adventures inspired by dragons across the realms of D&D.
  • It also offers a comprehensive bestiary with advice on how to create drakes, treasure hoards, and campaigns involving both.
  • New draconic ancestry character options will be available, as well as dragon-themed subclasses for rangers and monks.

Content In The Book

S. NoChapter Names
1.Character Creation
2.Dragon Magic
3.Dragons In Play
4.Lairs And Hoards

About The Author (Wizards RPG Team)

  • Wizards of the Coast LLC is a fantasy and science fiction video game publisher based in the United States. It used to be a video gaming store. In 1999, Hasbro purchased the company and turned it into a subsidiary.
  • During a February 2021 reorganisation, Wizards of the Coast became the flagship of Hasbro’s new “Wizards and Digital” business.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How To Download The Fizbans Treasury Of Dragons PDF?

    You can download this pdf very easily by clicking on our direct download link given in this article.

  2. Who is The Author Of Fizbans Treasury Of Dragons?

    Wizards RPG Team is the author of Fizbans Treasury Of Dragons.

  3. How many pages is Fizban’s treasury of dragons?

    There is a total of 224 pages in the Fizban’s treasury of dragons.


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